We think that the direct relationship between the fruit, the picker, the packing and the customer is an integral part of the success of Fairfield.
— Bill Steed, Owner
In Loving Memory of Carol Steed  ❤  June 1, 2016

In Loving Memory of Carol Steed June 1, 2016

Carol and Bill Steed first began farming in 1998 and quickly realized that they wanted to take their passion to another level. 

In 2003 Fairfield Farms became an opportunity and they made a commitment to create an organic, family-run farm in San Diego, California.  Pauma Valley offered the ideal location and micro-climate to grow premium blueberries and avocados while focusing on community and sustainability.

Today, Fairfield Farms is a true leader in organic and sustainable practices because, unlike other farms, Fairfield Farms is self sufficient with its own on-site solar power, water source and packing house to ensure all produce is carefully handled on the farm until it is shipped to stores.