Everything is done here. It’s all contained on the farm.
— Bill Steed, Owner


We take great pride in sustainable farming. Solar was a very good alternative for us and it covers the needs of the farm. Deriving clean, pure energy from the sun our solar system helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuels.

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ON-SITE Reservoir

We are blessed with water which is the lifeblood of the farm. Every effort is made to conserve and correctly apply this precious resource. One of our important tools is a computerized crop management system which monitors soil moisture, water flow, and weather conditions to optimize each watering event.

On-site packing

To ensure our picked fruit receives the best handling possible, we have built an on-site packing house with the highest of standards in quality control, packaging, cold storage and shipping. This gives us the ability to allow only the best fruit to go to market while saving the environment as most farms have picked fruit shipped to off-site facilities to be packaged and then shipped again.


Fairfield Farms is committed to quality and supporting our industry. We are members of the following organizations: